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A breath of soul
From look to the hand

Self-taught, I began sculpture 25 years ago.

Two lines of force have structured my work since: the human and the imaginary, themes that I develop on bronze especially, but also on different kinds of resins.

Child, I guessed the secrets behind the silences, the pains, the hidden or fears, the masks the expressions in faces, the nuances of shadow or lights impressed me;

Beauty could fascinated me.

Today my work isfed by this ability to comprehend and strive to embody the reality, the apparent and the possibilities.

Jostled by the harshness of the news or the poverty that punctuates the sidewalks of Paris where I live,

My work is a reflection on the human condition and on what our world does to man.

I chose polymorphism, combination of multiple forms and emotions contained in a single form, to express the multiplicity of emotions, states, moods and treasures of the human.

Or, in a simple construction game, sometimes, a constant challenge : to create a multitude of forms and human emotions in a unique form, to associate contrary forms and ideas without break, to make harmony possible in chaos, beauty in misery.

Invent other forms, talk about other possibilities.




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