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“Sculpting, an inner necessity”

Self-taught, sculpture came naturally to me when pushed by a strong inner necessity I opened the door to a sculpture workshop. From that day on, the passion for sculpting has continued to drive me.
At the same time carrying out a professional activity within an administration, the occurrence in 2017 of recurring health problems at my job site made me understand that sculpting had become vital and that I could no longer dissociate myself from it.

Devoting myself fully to it and deciding to open my work to the outside world by exhibiting it was then necessary.


Artistic approach
Sensitive to the living, I chose the figurative to restore my perceptions of states of being. My work is nourished by my street impressions, current events, everyday life, in a personal reflection broadened to our human condition.
I shape forms interdependent on each other, with different signifiers
but united in the same theme as an expression of the diversity of Being, of the indissolubility of its link to what surrounds it and thus open to several paths of reading. With, in parallel, constant technical research: Obtaining several shapes and stories within a single overall form, integrating dissimilar elements without breaking meaning, making contrary volumes coexist in harmony.

National Inter Finance Exhibition of Plastic Arts (SNIAP), Paris, Ministry of the Economy and Finance.
2017 Biennale of the SNSP (national union of sculptors and visual artists); Former stables of Trélazé 49
2019 SNSP Biennale. Exhibition center, Palais Bondy Lyon 69
2019 Cotaby Congress. Congress Centre. City of science and industry Paris19
2019 Biohorizon space 94 Bry sur Marne
2020 House of Therapists
, Rue de Turbigo Paris 3
2021 Atlantic Arts festival, Espace Encan La Rochelle 17
2022 Arts capital, Grand ephemeral palace Paris7
2022 Expo 4Arts, hall of white coats Paris 4
2022 Arts Focus, Louvre Paris 1 carousel

Professional implications
        Regional delegate for the SNSP, Pays de la Loire region 2002-2004
Member representing professional artist organizations on the artistic committees of Îles de France 2011-2014

Professional affiliations
         House of artists (MDA) Order number F688696
National Union of Sculptors and Visual Artists (SNSP)

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