« Sculpting, an internal need »



Self-taught, sculpture became obvious to me in 1993, when pushed by an inner necessity, I walked through the door of a workshop in the city of Paris. After this first class, I studied at home tirelessly, sculpting night and day, as soon as my family or professional obligations allowed. I felt above all the need to create and understand.

In 2017, a health accident made me realize that sculpture was a vital need more than a passion, and no longer matched the job I had always held in the administration. So I decided to devote the bulk of my strengths and my means, and to open my work to the outside by exposing myself beyond my networks of proximity.


Artistic approach

My work feeds on my impressions of the street,of the news, in everyday, in a thought on human lot.

I work polymorphism, and / or interdependent units within a work to express the diversity of the human, the indissolubility of its connection to what surrounds it, and open to several reading paths.

In parallel with a constant technical research: to obtain several forms and stories within a general form, to integrate dissimilar elements without breaking the meaning, to make contrary forms or volumes coexist in harmony.


  • National exhibition interfinance of the plastic arts (SNIAP), Ministery of economy and  finance. Paris

  • Private exhibition,  March 18 to 20, 2017, 10/12  Richer Street -Paris 9th, France

  • Biennial of the S.N.S.P 2017, May 18 to 29, 2017, Former stables of Trélazé 49800 France

  • Biennial of the S.N.S.P 2019,   May 2017, 12 to 24 ,  Bondy palace, Lyon, France

  • COTABY Congress 2019, october 2019, 10 to 12 , Convention Center of the City of Science and Industry 30 avenue Corentin Cariou 75019 Paris

  • BioHorizon space, october 24 to november 25 2019,53 Bd Gallieni, 94360 Bry/Marne.

Implications professionnelles

  • S.N.S.P, Delegate of the region for the countries of the Loire, from 2002 to 2004

  • Member representing the professional organizations of artists in the artistic committees of Ile-de-France region, from 2011 to 2014.

Professional implications

  • House of Artists Order (MDA) no: F688696

  • National Union of Sculptors and Visual Artists (S.N.S.P)

  • ADAGP, Society of Authors in Graphic and Plastic Arts

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